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Space Gods

Space Gods Super Nova Disposable | 7g - Alien Grass

Space Gods Super Nova Disposable | 7g - Alien Grass

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quality, potent alternative option now on the market, and it comes with a masterful blend of cannabinoids and a triumphant selection of strain-specific terpenes for incredible flavors to explore.

The Space Gods Super Nova THC-A Disposable Vape is remarkably impressive, to say the least. The device is compact, yet manages to house an integrated rechargeable battery and comes equipped with a USB Type-C charging port for rapid recharging. What is so special about the Super Nova THCA Vape is its dual coil technology, where there are two individual coils. The thought behind the feature is to reduce wear and tear from a single coil and ensure that flavors remain fresh for longer periods. Within the device is a 7-gram Super Nova blend, which combines THC-A Liquid Diamonds, THCP, and Delta-8, generating a highly effective experience. The blend pairs perfectly with strain-specific terpenes carefully selected to provide amazing flavors.

If you've been searching for another device to add to your roster of favorites, the Super Nova THC-A Disposable Vape by Space Gods is what you'll want to shoot for. It's an incredible vaping device with innovative features that take it to the next level. With its potent blend, amazing

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